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UMF™ 8+ (MGO 180+) 500g


The UMF™ 8+ grade measures the natural markers in Manuka honey and ensures every jar has consistent purity and quality of at least UMF™ 8+ (MGO 180+)



Taste – our UMF 8+ Manuka honey has a sweeter taste than the higher grades with earthy undertones that make up this delightful creamy honey.

Smell – Sweet, delicious scent.

This would be lovely added to your morning smoothie or to add to your baking e.g. making muesli or banana bread. How to add in Honey when baking? Simply substitute ½ to ¾ of Wilderness Valley UMF™ Manuka honey in place of 1 cup of sugar and reduce the liquid used by ¼ cup.

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