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UMF™ 8+ (MGO 180+) 250g


The UMF™ 8+ grade measures the natural markers in Manuka honey and ensures every jar has consistent purity and quality of at least UMF™ 8+ (MGO 180+)



Taste – our UMF 8+ Manuka honey has a much sweeter taste than our higher grades with subtle earthy undertones that make up this delightful creamy honey.

Smell – Sweet, aromatic scent.

This would be perfect to added to your morning smoothie or to add to your baking e.g. banana bread. How to add in Honey when baking? Simply substitute 1 cup of sugar for ½ to ¾ of a cup of Wilderness Valley UMF™ Manuka honey  and reduce the liquid used by ¼ cup.

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