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Read Manuka honey New Zealand producer's story…

Welcome to the Wilderness Valley!

We are proud to be a family of New Zealand farmers, beekeepers and producers of the purest and most sustainable Manuka honey that families love and benefit from worldwide.

From untouched ecosystem

Wilderness Valley honey comes from a spectacular, remote and untouched ecosystem that is as pure as the honey we produce.
Nestled in New Zealand’s King Country’s wild hills and glistening rivers is Ruatiti Station, a honey-making utopia and the 5,000 acres of paradise we call home.

Farming is our life

We are third-generation farmers, small-scale and high-quality Manuka honey producers, who have inherited a love and respect for our land.
We forego conventional farming techniques favouring sustainable farming practices that preserve and enhance our beautiful New Zealand environment. Most years, we plant thousands of new Manuka trees on our farm. These produce nectar for our UMF certified Manuka honey, protect against erosion on our steeper slopes, and provide shelter for wildlife such as the native falcon and blue duck.

The love of beekeeping

Our experienced and passionate beekeepers look after the hives spread across the extensive, pristine native Manuka bushland, surrounded by hectares of New Zealand Department of Conservation land. This means that our bees have plenty of space to stretch their wings around a sustainable beekeeping environment with no risk of overpopulation. Also, we are a founding member of the New Zealand Apiculture Industry Body that supports the beekeeping industry.

Manuka Honey Benefits

Extraction and packing

Our honey is extracted and bottled in our production facility near Auckland. Each jar of the gold liquid is hand-packed and prepared for distribution by ourselves, which gives you the certainty that the Manuka honey you receive is genuine and of the best quality.

Our Philosophy

We like to keep everything pure and healthy. Our honey is just that!

We take great care in sustainably and gently managing the environment, our bees, and the production to create a delicious pure golden liquid that you can enjoy at home.

Meet the Wilderness Valley family

Meet the key Manuka honey New Zealand team.

Brent Greig
Brent Greig

Being a farmer and business enthusiast, I'm incredibly proud of our Wilderness Valley farm and the honey we can share with you.

Laura Campbell
Laura Campbell

I take care of all our sales and marketing as well as many other tasks. I'm passionate about sustainability and environmental protection.

Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell

I'm the Operations Manager and chief beekeeper. I love New Zealand’s landscape and wouldn’t change my job for anything else.

Enjoy sustainably produced, pure, New Zealand Manuka honey.